Valuation Report

We provide sophisticated, unbiased assessment and valuation and revaluation services in accordance to RICS standards and Croatian Act on Valuation of Real-Estates.

When it comes to the realization of real estate increase in capital in the fast changing market, time is literally money. We use our global experience and deep knowledge of the local real estate market to provide accurate and reliable assessment of your property. We perform assessments for individual resources, global portfolio for a variety of types of properties:

• Offices
• Industry
• Shops
• Hotels
• Housing and student dormitories
• Health
• Logistics
• Education

We always look beyond the present valuation in order to understand new market trends, to impose an asset and anticipated revenue. Our brokerage teams are a valuable source of knowledge and their point of view is supplemented with information from our research experts. Our analyses are suitable for various purposes: purchase or disposal, financial reporting, performance measurements, increase in debt or equity loans, credit evaluation, strategic planning, reducing costs and maximizing value.

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