Legal Overview of Real-Estates

Based on Croatian Act on providing brokerage representation services in real-estate, we are allowed, among others, to secure and inspect ownership documentation and property zoning regulation.

We have extensive experience in drafting legal overview of real-estates (based on land registry and contractual relationships) which document in concise and clear manner lists all relevant information on single property which relate to ownership status and other rights (e.g. mortgage, servitude rights, construction right etc.) and different contractual relations (e.g. lease agreements, concession agreements, pre-emption right etc.) and real estate identification in cadastre.

Such overview can be either a part of different service (for example valuation report) or act as separate document. By using this service you can have clear insight in legal situation and detect potential problems so you are able to ask concrete questions or give specific mandate to your attorney-at-law office.

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