Landlord Representation Services

We will help you to position your property on the market and achieve the best possible commercial terms.

Our consultants who work on behalf of property owners and landlords do more than searching and signing tenants. They create the strategic backbone of a property marketing cycle that positions the property in the marketplace and secures the right tenants, building added value to support the landlord’s ownership goals.

We seek to elevate your building’s stature within its competitive set by defining and cultivating the amenities it offers that are unlike any other. We also help you target and qualify tenants ensuring that they fully understand the building’s benefits and unique attributes.

Our approach segments potential tenants, focusing first on those likely to pay the highest price and create the least risk.

Complementary businesses thrive off each other’s successes, and our objective is to search out the best tenant mix, improve tenant relations or build an industry cluster that will make your building known on the market.

We start many engagements with our lease teams, who carefully comb through leases to ensure all reimbursable expenses are properly billed and captured, all leasable space is fully utilized, and lease abstracts clearly define both the owner’s and tenants’ obligations. We collaborate to plan your long-term leasing objectives to minimize exposure due to lease expirations.

Your investment strategy is also considered, whether your property is a long-term held, likely to be renovated or will be positioned for sale in the next few years. As we understand the big picture of your ownership strategy, we can help craft lease terms and choose tenants that are best suited to support these objectives.

We can ask the tough questions and negotiate aggressively on your behalf without jeopardizing the landlord/tenant relationship.

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